Welcome to KT Innovations – a new blog by Dave Taylor


This is a blog for the benefit of the NPL science and knowledge transfer communities to document new and best practices for collaboration and knowledge transfer, using the latest social networking and new media tools. In parallel I am helping to develop several other blogs, wikis, enhanced events, collaboration workspaces, extended networks and virtual exhibitions. Explanations of these terms and links to each of these can be found throughout this blog, including links to other examples of emergent Best Practice.

Blogging the Future

The nature of knowledge transfer is changing, not just at NPL but everywhere there are communities who share common interests. NPL’s own portfolio of knowledge transfer ‘deliverables’ is expanding and new ideas will continue to emerge as further programmes are formulated and other opportunities arise. Most important are new media and social network technologies, and they are the subject matter of this blog.

Here I will collect together information about these knowledge transfer innovations and provide you with the tools and know-how you need to exploit them in your own communities. Since a lot of the information is already out-there in the ‘blogosphere’ and ‘podosphere’ I will of course point out the best sources of information and instances of best practice from which we can all learn. And since this is a blog I expect to receive contributions and comments from the NPL community and our collaborators.

Lets get blogging!

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