Watch this Space!

Work begins on NASA's CoLabThe Space CoLab project in Second Life was launched today. Andrew Hoppin of MoonFront LLC and Special Projects, Director’s Office, NASA Ames Research Center planned to describe the CoLab project at Spaceport Alpha. But the Spaceport disappeared just as he was about to begin. Luckily the new CoLab Island was just to the West and the ISM team rapidly built a new presentation space and the event began again. Several people joked that this was just the sort of outcome CoLab SL is intended to bring about – faster, cheaper missions with participation of an engaged community!

This photo was taken towards the end of the event, but ISM members were already at work with some new habitat modules embodying features for the real world and SL. Andrew, whose SL name is Drew Frobozz, described the CoLab concept and explained how it was part of a general ‘collaboration’ trend – so maybe other organisations will follow NASA’s lead and make use of the collaborative nature of SL. This experiment by Moonfront will be watched closely by NASA and their fellow ‘Nationals’ already in SL, NOAA and NPL .

Stop Press: NPL will build a new TRUTHS exhibit on CoLab’s Mars Island, and intend to hold project planning meetings in the facilities (to be built) on CoLab’s Earth Island.

NASA to invest in gaming technology Troy blogs about a further talk about NASA by Greyark Hightower, revealing that they will put out a request for proposals for a full-scale science-based synthetic world. Greyark is in reality Daniel Laughlin, Ph.D. project manager for NASA Learning Technologies, and Research Faculty at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, working out of Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland. A little more detail can be found at the Knowprose blog and slashdot.

Step by step description of a build on CoLabSL Camden Mitchell gives a step by step account of her explorations in Second Life and the experience of building a Mars habitation module in her excellent journal. She is collaborating with DoctorMike Soothsayer in this project for Glamorgan University.


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