Educators needed for an important Nano Mission

Screenshot from game sample

NanoMission™ is a cutting edge gaming experience being developed to help educate 12-18 year olds (and their teachers) about basic concepts in nanoscience through real world practical applications from microelectronics to drug delivery.
Professor Mark Welland FRS, one of the game’s scientific advisors recently commented “It is extremely important that as nanotechnology is introduced into an increasing range of products the real benefits are understood by all. This game is a great example of how the positive message of nanotechnology can be disseminated to schools.”

The game’s designer, Kam Memarzia recently invited NPL to join his advisory board for our expertise in the challenges of measurement at the nanoscale and use of virtual worlds for science communication and knowledge transfer. Kam noted that “Working with the scientific community has enabled us to develop NanoMission based on real science rather than science fiction”.

Since NPL is just about to embark on the development of Nanotechnology Island in Second Life I hope that many more educators will learn about it there and offer advice or get further involved in testing the game.
Its at a very early stage right now so there are opportunities for nanotechnology businesses to get involved too.

  • Log onto the website and download the sample called Nanomedicine here
  • View videos here, and learn more about the game here

  • If you’re a teacher sign up your school or offer feedback to Playgen
  • We still need educators on the Advisory Board, so if you’re interested please contact Playgen here, or IM me in Second Life.

    Tim Harper (of Cientifica, another sponsor for the game) has also blogged about NanoMission here.

    We’re all hoping that enough sponsors can be found to enable the fully developed game to be made available to educators in the UK, US and elsewhere for free. If you’re interested in sponsoring part of the game, please contact Playgen or IM me in Second Life.

    Nanoflowers: Ghim Wei Ho, one of Prof Welland’s PhD students, has produced some wonderful images of nanostructures. Nanoflowers

    See more here


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