Massively Multilearner, Enhancing Learning and Exponential Growth

Second Life is getting a lot of interest right now in the UK, and I’ve been too busy to blog about it.

In March I spoke at Dan Livingstone’s brilliantly organised ‘Massively Multilearner’ conference – which was mostly dedicated to Second Life. The videos of the event will be available soon and I will post a link to them here.

In April I spoke at a Becta seminar on Virtual Worlds, Simulations and Game-Based Learning, covering the many formal and informal educational uses of Second Life. The full seminar recordings will be available in a week’s time and I will post a link here. Dan Seamans of the Open University who helped me field questions blogged about it here.

In June I’ll be speaking about Science in Virtual Worlds at an event organised by the Royal Institution – this time I’ll cover the SciLands in more detail.

Last night the SciLands council approved membership of 4 further organisations, doubling the number of islands in this Science and Technology dedicated continent. I’ll post a map shortly.

I’ve been very busy with several SL projects which I’m keen to blog about when they’re done:

  • The Schome pilot, which just finished is well covered elsewhere.  I ran the Physics club with the help of two colleagues from NPL. Here’s a link to the Wiki.
  • I’m helping Imperial College build a virtual hospital for their medical school, and am particularly proud of our new style of machinima for illustrating future healthcare possibilities. I will publish these ground-breaking movies here when they’re released.
  • Nanotechnology Island construction is underway and we have some exciting new architecture and experiences in development. I’m looking forward to welcoming the Nanotechnology community to the SciLands now that the Space research community has blazed the trail.
  • UK Future Focus is an island for groups to help facilitate change in their organisations. It will have its own blog and I will publish the link here when its ready.

Second Life itself has doubled in size since my last blog – with over 6 million registrations and 3 million unique users to date. Some recent research has shown that people expect and get a high quality of interaction with other people in Second Life. I am especially interested in this emphasis on community engagement and our use of other Web 2.0 technologies combined with Second Life. The conversation is prolonged and we are never truly offline. Hence the phenomenon of twittering. There are other social networking tools that we have not yet used effectively in combination with Second Life (unless someone reading this can point me at an example) – for instance the alternate reality game of Perplex City which I have been thinking about in relation to scientific, mathematical and business-related problem solving and education.


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