London goes down, Second Life stays up!

Clinical Summit MeetingClinical Summit Meeting

Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, winding up the first day of the Clinical Summit.

We just completed two events in SL at the same time. On a wednesday ….. starting at approximately the time that Linden Lab used to schedule maintenance downtime. Second Life behaved perfectly while the central London region and venue we were holding the RL event in suffered a complete power failure! Luckily the conference organisers managed to find another venue and the conference got underway but late. We were due to run one of the conference workshops at the Future Focus facility in the same London region and simultaneously on UK Future Focus island in the SciLands. Our venue had a brief power outage just before I arrived to help set up our equipment – but that was all. Both events ran smoothly and I am delighted that NPL’s staff took both markedly different types of event in their stride:

  • A Fine Balance: Privacy Enhancing Technologies comprised a morning of presentations from the European Commission, the British government, technology developers, data controllers, guardians of civil liberties and representatives from consumer associations. In the afternoon working groups discussed and recommended areas for future research, as well as strategies and activities to advance the technologies and their necessary safeguards. We ran the Web 2.0 workshop in RL and SL at the same time, chaired by Jan Camenisch of IBM, Zurich in London and including a keynote speech delivered in Second Life by IBM’s Paul Ledak in the USA. The objective was to extend participation beyond those who could readily attend an event in London and the SL participants certainly did that. Ugotrade blogs about this event here.
  • NHS Next Stage Review: International Clinical Summit  hosted by Health Minister Lord Ara Darzi in London’s docklands, brought together leading figures from a wide range of clinical specialities and backgrounds from the UK, US, Canada and Europe. Discussions focussed on sharing their experience and learning with approx. 1500 NHS staff and stakeholders who are involved in shaping the future of the NHS through the Our NHS, Our Future review. We screened the keynote speeches and discussion sessions in the Second Health auditorium where the audience were also joined in SL by clinicians at the summit and some of the keynote speakers for a sidebar discussion. Perplexity Peccable (SL name) has posted some images of attendees on Flickr. If you missed the Summit the keynote speeches are still available for viewing at the website and the Second Health Campus previews patient-centred care in the form of a multimedia experience we modelled on the principles and recommendations outlined in the recently published Healthcare for London: Framework for Action. The virtual Community Hospital incorporates many movies including Lord Darzi’s guided tour of the Polyclinic – a new style of hospital incorporating Primary and Secondary Care that was widely discussed during the Summit.

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