Stanford’s Metaverse U conference comes to the SciLands

SciLands Conference Zone

The SciLands Skyditorium is host to Metaverse U, Stanford University’s first Metaverse conference this weekend (Feb 16th and 17th). Full details here: attend-all-of-metaverse-u-virtually-free and see the agenda here. As described in New World Notes virtual attendees can save travel time, money and the climate! Speaker Christian Renaud has pledged not to use RL air travel for any meetings this year, or to pay $1000 per flight to the Nature Conservancy Council if he does. I’m following his lead by staying at home to attend this mustn’t miss conference. That means I’ll also save on car emissions as I won’t be travelling anywhere this weekend.

If you don’t yet have a Second Life account now is the time to get one. Register for free at the SciLands site and take our 10 minute orientation experience, directly adjacent to the Skyditorium.


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