Naked scientists in the corridors of Second Life

Naked ScientistOne of my favorite Science shows is the Naked Scientists podcast by Dr Chris Smith so last November I contacted Dr Chris and asked him if he would be interested in having a studio audience in the SciLands. By happy coincidence Chris had been thinking along the same lines and so the idea of Naked Scientists in Second Life was born. This weekend Gordon Clark and I headed to Cambridge while colleagues in Second Life tested the audio link. The resulting podcast included an interview with us both. I described the ISM’s tour of the planets and our joint nuclear experiments with University of Denver while Gordon spoke about his recent trip through a biological sim. You can read the transcript or download the podcast here. During the show I said that innovations often come out of different disciplines meeting and having corridor discussions. Whereas there aren’t corridors for the podcast audience to meet up in the real world we’ve built new corridors in Second Life. I had that firmly in mind when we established the SciLands in late 2006 – that we could create a place for International science and technology communities to meet and cross disciplinary boundaries. For example, two organisations that don’t often cross paths in real life, the University of Denver and the UK National Physical Laboratory, but are neighbors in the SciLands decided to build a nuclear reactor in Second Life. That’s an Anglo-American collaboration I first mooted in June 2007 and started whilst at NPL and will be the subject of another blog article. Please listen to the podcast and if you decide that you like it why not join the studio audience at this slurl every Sunday at 6pm UK time (thats 10am SL time). 


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