Growth in Virtual World events predicted

The need for physicians to attend International events has been debated in the British Medical Journal. See for example: Surgeons have held conferences in Second Life; Leong, Kinross, Taylor, Purkayastha; Imperial College London; BMJ 2008 337: a683 where we reported that all of the delegates at the 1st meeting of the newly formed international Virtual Association of Surgeons (iVAS) agreed or strongly agreed that they would attend another meeting in the same medium. iVAS is a group of surgeons and scientists who want to change the way scientific communications are currently conducted. Their conferences are held entirely within the virtual world. This lowers the cost of attending, negates the need to travel and creates novel surgical research networks across the world. See

Originally posted as a comment by Nanodave on The Metaverse Journal using Disqus.


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