Imperial College Islands Tour Part 1

Second Health London

This public engagement research project by Imperial College London is spread over 8 islands.

Second Health islands have been live since August 2007 and are an experiment to help people to understand the vision for future healthcare delivery, stressing the patient experience and a new focus on keeping healthy rather than the historical focus on curing patients once they fall ill. Users can tour the hospital and complete our onsite questionnaire to help us to improve this facility further. Users may signup to the Second Health mailing list to be kept informed of developments and events being held in our auditorium. Link to Second Health Website.

Kiosks from Second Health Movie

Kiosks from Second Health Movie

Over 25,000 people toured these islands during its first year (Aug 2007-2008) and a similar number viewed the ground-breaking machinima that we produced inworld to illustrate the patient’s experience in this future healthcare model.

Orientation Island

Orientation Trail

Orientation Trail

A 10-minute orientation experience for new avatars to learn how to tour, attend meetings, view presentations and communicate with other people. At the end of the trail, users can teleport to our other islands. Get an avatar here first if you are new to Second Life

The Local Community Hospital

Second Health Polyclinic

Second Health Polyclinic

An immersive experience of future healthcare: a Local Community Hospital with embedded Polyclinic, based on NHS London’s report ‘A framework for action’ occupies almost 2 complete islands.


Virtual Patient

Virtual Patient

Visitors to this Polyclinic can speak to a Virtual Patient chatbot in the high dependency unit. This development was used during local public consultations to help elicit feedback.

National Health Service Auditorium

'Next Stage Review' Clinical Summit

'Next Stage Review' Deliberative Event

Frequent international healthcare events are held at the auditorium including the international Virtual Association of Surgeons (iVAS) seminars on surgical practice and several clinical summits and conferences.

London Neighborhood

'NHS London Tour

'London Tour' Start at Underground

This fictional area of London illustrates key public health messages on keeping healthy and the many ways in which Londoners will be able to access healthcare services in their community. Start the tour at the London Underground where if you are feeling stressed help is at hand. Follow signs to the Polyclinic to learn about its role alongside GP clinics and other local facilities. This area of London is so extensive that it stretches over 4 islands.


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