Digital Britain Report take on Virtual Worlds

Our OECD workshop gets a positive mention in the Digital Britain Final Report out today:

“The UK has taken a leading role in initiating international discussion on the public policy implications of virtual worlds, for example with a highly successful workshop for OECD member countries – on Innovation and Governance in Virtual Worlds – staged jointly with the OECD’s Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy in March 2009. As a result the OECD member countries have now proposed that OECD should commence a major study on virtual worlds. BIS has been asked to draft the Terms of Reference for this work and present these at the OECD Working Party on the Information Economy meeting in June.”

Earlier in the report (page 130): “Virtual worlds may offer business benefits and opportunities in relation to enhanced interaction with customers, efficiencies, environmental gains, international collaboration and knowledge transfer. In public policy terms virtual worlds offer interesting scope – for example for citizen engagement and for education – but also significant challenges given that they operate across national boundaries.”

The workshop took place on Mar 11 2009: I spoke about healthcare applications and STEM engagement in a panel entitled “Innovation in private and public sector applications of virtual worlds”. My presentation can be found here (PDF). The Digital Britain Report has a twitter feed here.


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