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Handheld Learning 2008

Over the past few years I have been invited to speak on Web 2.0, Virtual Worlds and Social Networks at many events and workshops, often alongside prominent and interesting people that I had first met through Second Life or their blogs.

The following is a partial list with links to recordings or blog articles where available (reverse chronological order).

Oct 10 2011: New media and healthcare: Avatars, Virtual Worlds and Apps

Nov 18 2009: I spoke at a workshop, entitled “Virtual Worlds and Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age“, as a member of the UK BIS Delegation at the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum in Sharm El Sheikh. This was a ground-breaking session – the first time the IGF has discussed virtual worlds. We explored the types of virtual world and why they matter, particularly the public policy benefits and challenges of virtual worlds and the need for international discussion. My contribution, naturally enough, was to describe Second Health and the SciLands. An IGF workshop is an important next step for the inclusion of a wider set of governments, civil society institutions in this important discourse. Follow the discussion at Ren Reynolds’s Virtual Policy Network.

My 30 years of new media

Nestar: The world's first true PC network

Oct 11 2009: We presented an afternoon workshop titled “Designing Simulation Strategies for Patient Safety: Innovation to Implementation” in Dublin at the 26th Annual Conference of the International Society for Quality in Health Care. My presentation was entitled ‘Virtual Worlds: Simulation at your desktop’ and it enabled me to show my favourite slide entitled “25 years of new media“.

Sept 24 2009: I spoke at the London Social Networking Conference, blogged here by our panel leader, Chris Rollyson. My fellow panelists were Michel Campan, Director of Client Marketing at Christian Dior Couture and Salvatore Reina, Knowledge Programme Manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers so we covered a very wide range of applications.

Sept 16 2009: I spoke from within Second Life at the 6th European Conference on e-Guidance on Widening Access to Lifelong Guidance using the Virtual World of Second Life. Here is an abstract of my talk where I asserted that simulated workplaces can be used at all stages of an individual’s career to give them access to work-like experiences and environments that are difficult, costly or hazardous to visit in RL. For example a class can meet and interact with real hospital staff in their simulated hospital whereas a visit to a real hospital would be restricted in many ways. With the assistance of Raimo Vuorinen of University of Jyväskylä in Finland (in RL), Robin Winter (Imperial College) and Jaana Kettunen (Finland) – both in SL, I illustrated my talk by touring around one of our virtual hospital wards and took questions from the RL audience in Riga. I was originally invited to give this talk in Riga but decided it would be more effective and saved the EU almost 1000 Euros for me to use Second Life instead.

July 30 2009: I gave an interview to Sarah Bruce of E-health Insider about Imperial College in Second Life, and she recorded a podcast version about our Immersive Clinical Scenarios feasibility study.

June 24 2009: I presented 2 posters at London Technology Network’s “Emerging Applications for 3D Technologies and Interactivity” event. Download posters here:Imperial College Poster 1 - LTN eventImperial College Poster 2 - LTN

June 23 2009: I presented a session at the latest “Accelerating Innovation Cycle Time Through Innovation Technologies (IvT) Workshop” at the Imperial College Business School. This time the presentation lasted 45 minutes but I had another 30 minutes of questions.

June 18/19 2009: We presented our virtual operating theatres and wards in Second Life at the NHS Innovations Expo in the Docklands. I am very grateful to all of our partners and to Vish, Suzanne and Val who spent most of their time on the stand fielding questions from over 4000 visitors! View the posters from the event here: EngagementQualityInnovationFurther information: Innovation, Quality, Engagement

June 11/12 2009: We ran 2 special events for the NHS Confederation’s Annual Conference, including a presentation from Second Life to the SDO Network’s evening reception (SDO Network’s mission is Engaging NHS Managers with Research) and live presentations streamed from Liverpool into Second Life from a special plenary session. Members of the public in SL had the opportunity to pose questions to the panelists in Liverpool (where the audience was NHS Confederation members). The events took place in the NHS Auditorium in the SciLands, where we have previously run deliberative events, international symposia, clinical summits and SDO network meetings.

June 1 2009: Spoke at Imperial College’s “Game 09”, an annual Games and Media event.

April 30 2009: I presented our award-winning Clinical Scenarios Project at the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2009. A video of the presentation is available here alongside my slides – nicely done Medbiquitous! You can see a movie of the Clinical Scenario itself here.

Mar 11 2009: United Kingdom-OECD workshop on innovation & governance of virtual worlds. I spoke about healthcare applications and STEM engagement in a panel entitled “Innovation in private and public sector applications of virtual worlds”. My presentation can be found here (PDF).

Feb 19 2009: Design London at Imperial College Business School: Accelerating Innovation Cycle Time Through Innovation Technologies (IvT) Workshop where I introduced Second Life as a disruptive technology for design prototyping and visualisation; whereby anyone can experience and share 3D visualisations around the globe instead of needing to visit a particular high cost installation. I likened this to the democratisation of print that occurred with the advent of desktop publishing and of online publishing with Web 2.0.

Feb 11 2009: British Library: Digital Lives Research Project. Here I followed my frequent fellow panelists Ian Hughes and Ren Reynolds by introducing the SciLands and International Spaceflight Museum to ask the question “what do you archive if you wish to preserve the current social phenomenon of Second Life?”. The key here is that these are venues and despite the grandeur of their interactive architecture they serve as a (very effective) context for the rich social interactions and events that occur there. Jerome McDonough of the University of Illinois followed on by speaking about their project to archive the International Spaceflight Museum and other game/virtual worlds, and drew the conclusion that archivists need to engage with the virtual world communities and provide their users with the tools needed to preserve the culture.

On the same day, Feb 11th, Kate, Vishal and I ran a Second Life event for the NHS Confederation and the NHS Technology Adoption Centre, entitled Embracing Healthcare Technology and Innovation. I ran 800m after facilitating the SL breakout session at BMA House over to the British Library where I finished writing up the session while I was waiting to speak at the Digital Lives event (above). Given another 100 years of development I might be able to teleport that distance in RL. Delegates at this normally closed meeting were joined by over 70 virtual delegates from Finland, Singapore, USA, Canada, Norway, Italy, UK, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and Serbia. Whereas the RL audience attended the whole of the day long event, our virtual delegates were able to come and go at will. Only 50% were present at any one time, but 35 people clocked up almost 1 hour’s attendance each. A poll of the RL audience revealed that just over half had heard of Second Life prior to the event, and that two thirds would like to see more NHS events use Second Life. Good news for the National Health Service Auditorium.

December 2008: I spoke at a conference on Government and Serious Games, organised by Futurelab and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR). Here is a video of my presentation at the event.

The conference focussed on the role that serious games and virtual worlds might play in education, public services, and government policy. One outcome was to help stimulate new ideas for policy, business development and research to ensure that serious games and virtual worlds are recognised as a distinct cultural form with a role in public services. The day featured speakers from BERR and Futurelab as well as senior staff from Becta, DIUS, the Technology Strategy Board, Immersive Education, Caspian Games, Blitz Games, and the MoD. Keynote presentations were provided by Lord Puttnam of Queensgate and Tom Watson MP, Minister for Transformational Government, who argued that it is time to bring games to the heart of government. It was attended by key government departments and agencies, research centres, serious games companies, and the entertainment games industry.

November 2008: The American Medical Informatics Association in Washington DC hosted a featured panel titled ‘A Virtual World as a Healthcare Information Platform‘ to introduce members to the wonders of our projects in Second Life. James was in Washington and presented some of our work, then I led a tour through our Virtual Learning Hospital from the comfort of my living room in London. The session was run primarily within SL itself, and the audience in Washington were also treated to live presentations by Pathfinder Linden, Dan Hoch, Ramesh Ramloll and Dan Sands. After the conference Hibiscus Hastings (who blogged the SL conference) requested an interview and tour for an ‘onCNN’ article (vetted for use in CNN News coverage).

October 2008: The Handheld Learning Conference is billed as the international signature event for learning using mobile or ubiquitous technologies. This year I was invited to speak on a panel to help attendees understand the implications of Virtual Worlds and Social Networks for teaching and learning. Fellow panelists included Alan Welsman of Disney who spoke about the significance of virtual worlds for Disney’s family demographic (for example young kids playing on club penguin with their grandparents), my metaversangelist friend Ian Hughes/ePredator of IBM, Forterran Ron Edwards of Ambient Performance and Kurt Squire. We were joined for the panel discussion by dana boyd, fellow of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society whose insistence on lower case typography for her name, reminded me of my Letraset days. dana’s research on youth’s use of social networking is insightful and her keynote presentation is essential viewing.

October 2008: Virtual Worlds Forum Europe in London

September 2008: Serious Applications of Virtual Worlds (Imperial College Internet Centre)

September 2008: Serious Virtual Worlds Conference 2008

July 2008: The Virtual Policy Network and BERR arranged Virtual Policy ’08 to bring together regulators, industry, educators, developers, economists and other researchers to consider current and future policy issues involving virtual worlds. I gave a tutorial introducing serious applications of virtual worlds ahead of the conference to help get everyone started on the same page. My talk was not recorded but Aleks Krotoski interviewed Ren Reynolds (Virtual Policy Network founder) in her Guardian Podcast and this is a good introduction to certain policy issues.

July 2008:Visual Web Convention in London, 10 July 2008

July 2008: I introduced a panel entitled “Future of Healthcare in Virtual Worlds” (reported on by Daneel Ariantho) that featured James Kinross (Surgeon, Imperial College London), Dan Hoch (Neurologist, Massachussets General Hospital), Victor Cid (Senior Computer Scientist, National Library of Medicine), Ran Hinrichs, (CEO 2b3d), Pathfinder Linden (Linden Lab), Shireen Lewis (Strategic Planning and Innovation, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) and Maria Toro-Troconis (Senior Learning Technologist, Imperial College London). View a slideshow from the event.

June 2008: I was a guest speaker at IBM Hursley’s Technical Exchange, an annual event for IBMers where I spoke on “The Science Islands Experiment: Space Exploration, Nanotechnology and Healthcare in Second Life”. This was recorded for IBM’s intranet (so interested IBMers know where to look). For everyone else there is a great walkthrough of some of the SciLands in a movie made for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars by Stephanie Gerson at Berkeley University (the first 2 mins is an intro to Second Life and the SciLands sequence is from 2:48 to 5:49*). This concentrates on the virtual environment as a place to visit. In my talk I pointed out that people are the most important content, and that the immersive environments of the SciLands provide a rich and evocative context for their meetings. I also discussed the importance of virtual corridors (between disciplines) where serendipitous knowledge exchange often occurs.

April 2008: At ‘Using Virtual Worlds Applications for Health at the Serious Games Institute’, my colleague James Kinross spoke and I gave a live demonstration.

February 2008: I took part in Dr Chris Smith’s Naked Scientists podcast and BBC Radio programme. During the show I said that innovations often come out of different disciplines meeting and having corridor discussions. Whereas there aren’t corridors for the podcast audience to meet up in the real world we’ve built new corridors in Second Life – the SciLands where International science and technology communities can meet and cross disciplinary boundaries. Since the broadcast the Naked Scientist show now has a permanent presence in the SciLands where the audience can meet to listen to and discuss the show.

Nov 2007 Web 2.0 for Business: The New New Internet Government Panel. This was held in Reston, Virginia and I spoke on a panel in the Government track from within SL alongside other panelists (in the real venue) who I have worked with in SL. Speaker’s profiles.Conference details.

September 2007 I spoke at the Serious Games Institute on Virtual Worlds in Science Communications and Education.

August 2007 Second Life Community Convention: The Scilands Panel. The panel was part of the Education track and was dedicated to Science and Technology in Second Life. Recorded in Chicago.

On June 18th 2007 I was interviewed alongside Aleks Krotoski in the Guardian Science Podcast about how science is moving into Second Life. We discussed just what is the point of this metaverse, and how is it influencing our research and behaviour back on this side of the computer screen.

And on June 19th 2007 Aleks and I also spoke at the Regent’s Street Apple Store, along with Joanna Scott of Nature Magazine as part of the Royal Institution’s ‘Science in Virtual Worlds’ seminar.

In April 2007 I spoke at a Becta seminaron Virtual Worlds, Simulations and Game-Based Learning, covering the many formal and informal educational uses of Second Life. The full seminar recordings are no longer available (indeed Becta itself may no longer exist). However, Dan Seamans of the Open University who helped me field questions blogged about it here

March 2007 Massively Multilearner: Knowledge Transfer and Public Engagement in Second Life. This workshop showcased the emerging theory and practice of teaching and learning in virtual worlds – from studies of how users engage socially to practical case-studies of teaching and knowledge transfer and the emergent pedagogies of the 3D internet. Conference Details.


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