Learn about and get started with Second Life

Second Life Eco Tour This is a great introduction to Second Life and its serious applications, including information on my NanoLands and Second Health projects, and features the SciLands, NOAA’s Second Earth and Oliver Goh’s Eolus One. Produced by Stephanie Gerson at University of California Berkeley and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Second Life Eco Tour Further Information

My Second Life colleague, Claus Nehmzow, speaking about his 3D Avatar School initiative in Hong Kong

International Citizens 30+ students from Cairo and Los Angeles used the virtual world of Second Life to come up with designs for a large open space situated between the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza: Thanks to Draxtor Despres for bringing this to my attention and for his wonderful video.

Virtual Conferences: IBM saved $350,000 in travel and productivity costs by holding a major conference in SL rather than RL. Conferences Go Virtual –

Nutrition Game This game developed by a Masters student at Ohio University helps people to understand the effect that their diet choices might have on their life:

Hiro Sheridan has developed a chemical molecule rezzer which you can see at work in this Movie:
There are now several molecule rezzers available including Troy’s open source scripts and others that are catalogued here.

SAP Flight Booking System: See the embryonic potential of 3D for eCommerce in this video by a student working for SAP. His booking system uses data from a live SAP system retrieved via web services:

IBM have opened this branch office in Second Life to provide additional service for customers who can’t get the information they need from the web:

Second Health Polyclinic Tour:Professor Darzi, UK Minister of Health, tours two Polyclinics, a standalone facility catering for a population of around 50,000 and one co-located with a local hospital catering for around 200,000. You can tour the second Polyclinic yourself in Second Life. See the Secondhealth blog for more movies.

NASA’s Colab in SL

Recruiting using virtual worlds

International Spaceflight Museum Tour:

Planets:Planetarium:Saturn Rocket:Rocket Ring:TRUTHS (My first satellite exhibit):

NOAA ESRL have a whole island dedicated to understanding the environment and some aspects of climate change. Here is a complete tour:

Harvard Law School ran a new course called ‘Law in the Court of Public Opinion’ from September 2006. Here Harvard Law School Professor Charles Nesson takes you from Harvard in Real Life into the Second Life classroom:

The New Media Consortium is an organisation of over 200 Universities, Museums and affiliated organisations. Their Second Life island now has over 500 members including industrial organisations and other guests such as NPL. Their first island has been operational since June 2006. They first extended this to 7 islands including a Life Science Centre in December 2006 and now have plans for over 40 islands including their own virtual campus and those of MIT and Cornell Universities. Here is their overview of Second Life illustrating their first island.

From Harvard’s introductory lecture here is a tutorial showing exactlyhow to get started in Second Life.Harvard's Second Life Intro to Second Life TutorialScience Education in Second Life Here’s a movie of Aimee Weber’s Tsunami simulation on NOAA’s island.Here are some movies touring the Spaceflight MuseumeLearning for Business Here is a movie showing NETg’s eLearning island. This illustrates the use of an immersive world for enhancing training at a distance:Business Applications in SL (advert) Text 100 are a PR company who’ve decided to use SL. This advertisement illustrates how promotional activities in SL can influence business in RL – an effect that we are hoping to achieve with NPL’s promotion of the TRUTHS satellite.Building an IslandThis is an excellent documentary/blog describing the build of Starwood’s new loft-style hotel concept – built first in SL to test its public appeal before they complete the real thing in 2007. Ref: Business Week article.

Emergency Preparedness Training A clip of Idaho’s Bioterrorism Awareness and Preparedness’s Group’s initial iteration in SL to demonstrate the potential of the SecondLife environment for emergency preparedness training. Here we are inside the hospital, and see an avatar undergoing an MRI scan.

Making homes in SL

Entertainment Industry and Role Play

CSI: New York:

I am Legend:

Data Visualisation Here data from’s flight tracking services is brought into SL to create a 3D rendering of the aircraft tracks around Los Angeles International Airport:


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