Pathways for Consent

Obtaining Consent

Participant having blood pressure taken in clinic

Imperial College has partnered with the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Brighton and the Grace Eyre Foundation to develop and test a customised virtual world experience intended to help NHS staff to gain properly informed consent from patients with learning disability.

  • People with learning disabilities learn best from multimodal experiences.
  • Immersive Virtual Reality has been shown to support learning.
  • We used a virtual hospital experience to discover if we can enhance understanding and recall.
  • After exposure the user’s understanding was tested using a form of non-directive interview technique.
  • Results were very positive and are being prepared for publication.

Grace Eyre Foundation participants were introduced to the virtual world experience on this familiar seafront walkway. They later visited the local hospital.

Participants from Brighton started their hospital experience with this familiar walkway

Brighton Seafront on Imperial College Medical School Island

This project was funded by NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) programme.

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