Second Life events

Events can be streamed into Second Life for participants who cannot or prefer not to attend the real world event, leading to enhanced opportunities for networking. Another intriguing use of Second Life is to hold a follow-up event that makes good use of the group working opportunities afforded by this virtual world.

IBM recently held a ‘jam session’ on the NMC Campus, essentially using Second Life during a consolidation phase of a brainstorming sequence. Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM’s VP, Technical Strategy and Innovation, has a ‘very strong feeling that (virtual worlds like Second Life) will have a huge impact on business, society and our personal lives” and was in London recently to promote the initiatives being undertaken by the Eightbar team at Hursley.

I had a private preview of the Wimbledon set while it was being demoed by Ian Hughes earlier this year, and felt that I was witnessing the dawn of a new age of sports event attendance – as an alternative to broadcast – Second Life has the potential to provide immersive participative experiences for sports enthusiasts. I still have the tennis racket and outfit that Ian gave me, and I’m keeping them for a special occasion.


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