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Our Showcase Entry

Imperial College Postgraduate Medical School in Second Life

Medical School is in the Scilands

Medical School is now listed in the Linden Lab Showcase, leading to an instant increase in visitor numbers. The island incorporates the Immersive Clinical Scenario that was a finalist in the Linden Prize and is featured in 2nd place in the Showcase’s Education category. Our other projects are all listed here.


Patient Experience in Brighton

Taking Blood Pressure

Taking Blood Pressure

We are currently developing a patient-centred virtual world experience intended to help NHS staff gain valid consent from patients with learning disability. People with learning disabilities learn best from multimodal experiences and immersive virtual reality has been shown to support learning. We will use a virtual hospital experience to discover if we can enhance recall and understanding. After exposure the user’s understanding will be tested by a form of non-directive interview technique. The Economist has just run an article (requiring subscription) on the study featuring our partners at the University of Brighton, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the Grace Eyre Foundation.

This work is funded by the NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) programme.